CreativeX partnership

CreativeX engaged with Nicholson Search and Selection to help them to identify, approach and secure their management and executive team.


Launched in 2012, CreativeX has had many phases of becoming the organisation it is today. They began as an ecommerce company and slowly evolved into the creative analytics space.

They now provide a data driven solution to aid marketers in pushing forward their creative strategies. By providing real, actionable insights, their clients are able to gain a better understanding of their audience’s behaviours.

In 2022 they raised $25 million to fuel their next growth stage. At that point they supported over 5000+ brand and 1000+ agencies in 130 markets and with this boost they are looking to the future to further expand their reach.

We started working with Nicholson Search and Selection who have basically built up our entire Marketing team from scratch.

What differentiates Nicholson Search & Selection for us is their ability to really understand what your business needs. So if you’re looking for marketers, they’re not going to send any marketer your way, they going to truly try and to understand what a good marketer looks like to you.


Anastasia Leng

CreativeX – CEO


Anastasia Leng, the CEO and founder of CreativeX worked very closely with us to ensure that we found the right people that could adopt the CreativeX vision and push the company into hyper growth.

At the beginning of our partnership, CreativeX needed to build up their marketing and sales teams to be able to focus on pushing brand awareness to new client bases.

As the first hire that they were looking to bring on was a Director of Marketing, our approach to the search focused on carefully screening and shortlisting the best candidates with experience working within Greenfield environments and building long term strategies.

Result: An ongoing partnership

After successfully placing the Director of Marketing, we went onto placing 10 candidates overall. Many went on to help them develop internally, Anastasia likened the success of these hires as being able to “step on the gas” and move her business into a state of hyper growth.

brands use CreativeX
million raised for their next growth stage

Our summary

It was a pleasure to work with Anastasia, she has such a defined vision for her company and was very passionate when describing what she was looking for in her team. When you have a great leader, the prospect of a company becomes that much more attractive to candidates.
Lachlan Freeman
Principal Consultant, Nicholson Search and Selection