Domino Data Lab partnership

Domino Data Lab engaged with Nicholson Search and Selection to help them to identify, approach and secure their management and executive team.


Domino Data Lab is an Enterprise MLOps platform. The technology facilitates thousands of data scientists in their pursuits of developing better medicines, adapting risk models to major economic shifts, building better infrastructure – and so on. 

The platform is used and trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100 – aiding companies who are looking to address global challenges. 

Their data science solutions in particular have resulted in:

50% reduction in end-to-end model lifecycle time

75% faster onboarding for new data scientists

80% decrease in model deployment time

542% ROI as measured by Forrester Consulting 

They found that outdated tools were the biggest obstacle that many companies were facing in terms of morale and productivity. The innovation that they brought to the market enables for faster turnover and a transformation is working.

 I can’t recommend Lachlan highly enough. He and I have worked closely in building out a high percentage of the EMEA GTM team at Domino Data Lab the past two years. Lachlan was a true extension of the Domino brand in the EMEA market… through his deep network he provided us access to an ecosystem of high-caliber talent across the GTM spectrum (Account Execs, Presales, Customer Success, Marketing, and Strategic Alliances).

Lachlan has all of the attributes you would hope to find in a recruiting partner: sense of urgency, high-integrity, rigorous in his assessment process, and an all-around thoughtful person. He’s particularly skilled at communicating the value prop of a highly technical platform like Domino.

Matt Wagner 

Domino Data Lab – Talent Partner 


We began working with their internal recruitment team. Their initial aim was to hire a new Head of Regional Sales with a technical background in Data Science and Big Data. 

In regard to the search, although Domino Data Lab were focusing on hiring someone with experience in their key technologies, it was imperative to them that they brought on a professional who had tried and tested experience being the first on the ground within a new region.

Their ideal hire was someone who also had the potential to build up a team from scratch, while taking full ownership of building up the business in the Nordics. 

Lachlan Freeman, headed up the search and ultimately placed a prominent talent who checked all the boxes for Domino Data Lab. 

Result: New regions established

We continued to work closely with the technology centred company, searching for various experts in their fields that had the right vision to join a platform such as Domino Data Lab. 

We made 10 hires across Europe, including the first people on the ground for France, Germany. 

Domino Data Lab continue to be a fantastic client to work with, since first working with them the professionals who were hired have gone on to even more senior positions and build up teams – further supporting Domino’s vision for the future.

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Our summary

While working with Domino Data Lab, I hired for key roles in their Sales, Engineering and Marketing verticals. As they were looking for these hires in different regions across Europe, the searches were always different and sometimes challenging. But I worked very closely with Matt [Wagner] and he was able to really specify the type of profiles they were looking for. It was great supporting Domino as they’re such a great platform – many of the people I placed are still there to this day which speaks for itself.

Lachlan Freeman

Principal Consultant, Nicholson Search and Selection