PayFit partnership

PayFit partnered with Nicholson and found success in hiring a key role, with a very quick turn over. Read how we source and deliver key management hires within the fintech market:


PayFit provides an innovative payroll solution to over 6,500 customers worldwide. 

Their software allows for companies to automate internal payments while eliminating spreadsheets and errors. 

At the start of the year (2022) PayFit managed to secure $254 million in Series E funding. This not only increased the organisation’s valuation but also officially made them a unicorn business. 

In the space of 6 years, they scaled to 900 employees across Europe.


We began working with PayFit through an internal connection who was already an integral member of their existing team. 

Mickael Fouché, now operating as the Director of Southern Europe with us, set out to recruit a Director of Engineering to lead technical projects and aid their strategic direction. This was coined their ‘main tribe’ of their ‘company call foundation’.  

Result: A Rapid Hire

With a turnover of just 3 weeks, we had searched, qualified, shortlisted candidates and ultimately hired the perfect individual onto the team. 

Our relationship with PayFit remains strong and we believe this is largely due to the solid foundation which was build with this initial hire.


weeks to first hire 


years to 900 employees 


million in funding 

Our summary

PayFit is an amazing company and was probably one of the most attractive on the market for a lot of talent out there.

They offered a very healthy company culture & a real tech-orientated environment with a lot of room to grow. The role would also allow them to play an integral role in the success of the company.

It was a great position and the partnership worked very well.

Mickael Fouché

Director of Southern Europe, Nicholson Search and Selection