Immuta partnership

Nicholson’s extensive candidate experience set us apart when partnering with Immuta to recruit key roles:



The number 1 platform for managing data access, Immuta, supports their clients in integrating their data security service with existing cloud data platforms. It ensures users easy self-service data while eliminating the complexity of managing and enforcing data policies.

In 2022, Immuta underwent an international expansion and secured series E funding, enabling them to further support their corporate goals.

More on Immuta:

  • Founded in 2015
  • Headquarters based in Boston, MA
  • Launched the first ever Data Access platform in 2015
  • First company to offer automated differential privacy controls
  • Voted Best Start-up Employer by Forbes magazine, in 2021

Nicholson is very helpful in refining our criteria.

In this respect, the experience of Lachlan Freeman, Principal Consultant at Nicholson, really counts.

Yen Thieu

People partner


The main challenge that Immuta faced was hiring into their Data Security and Data Management verticals, they needed expert professionals in Security, Marketing, Engineering, Ethics and Law. They were also scaling into the European market so while their internal team were focusing on other areas – they partnered with Nicholson to assist them in filling key marketing roles in the UK.

As we previously had a good relationship with Colin Mitchell, the VP of EMEA, we came on board as a trusted firm who already understood their company values.

Result: 3 strategic hires

After putting together a shortlist of 5 suitable candidates, and taking them through the process, we hired the Director of Marketing in the UK in January 2022.

This was followed by the placement of a Regional Sales Director in Sweden and the Director of Global Integrated Marketing, again in the UK.

According to Yen Thieu, People Partner at Immuta, the success of Nicholson and Immuta’s relationship is due to the Nicholson consultants’ extensive experience, their solid understanding of the customers’ needs and their ability to respond.

Download the Immuta x Nicholson PDF case study

key hires in 1 year
bonus hire – through excellent shortlisting
hire in Sweden

Our summary

Immuta is an exciting company to work with. They are growing fast, clear about what they want, and they know how to make the company appealing to the people they want to hire.

Lachlan Freeman

Principal Consultant, Nicholson Search and Selection