Sellsy partnership

Sellsy started their partnership with Nicholson in 2022 and found success in hiring 4 strategic roles in the first 6 months. Read how we source and deliver key leadership and management hires within this growing scale-up.


Sellsy is a fast-growing scale-up that provides a complete CRM suite for small and medium-sized businesses. It integrates marketing, sales, billing, payment, and cash management tools. This enables companies to save time, boost their sales and secure their income.

Today, Sellsy is one of France’s leading providers of all-in-one software solutions, combining CRM and FMS (financial management system) for SMEs. The scale-up aims to become the European leader in its market.

Nicholson and Sellsy speak the same language. The firm has proven to be very relevant to our sector – B2B SaaS.

Their experience in talking to executives from this sector is undeniable: they understand our needs very quickly and we don’t waste any time.

Victor Douek
CEO of Sellsy


Sellsy was very clear about its expectations. The criteria for recruiting new employees were very specific, both in terms of their experience and their interpersonal skills. They needed to have a proven track record of working in a company who has experienced a similar growth rate and went on to achieve a state of hyper growth. Potential candidates also needed experience in the software development sector and be able to stand out from the rest of the French Tech ecosystem.

As the roles were also based in Bordeaux & La Rochelle, the element of location needed to be taken into consideration when assessing candidate suitability – as it was sparse it terms of talent.

Result: 4 strategic hires

The first six months of collaboration between Sellsy and Nicholson have enabled the recruitment of four strategic hires. For Victor Douek, the results are very positive and worthwhile, and Nicholson owes this to several qualities:

  • A very good understanding of Sellsy’s specific issues
  • Being able to adapt to geographical, technical, and budgetary constraints
  • Being able to actively listen and advise – both to Sellsy’s requirements and to those of the shareholders
  • Strong communication
  • A human approach

Download the Sellsy x Nicholson PDF case study

collaboration began
strategic hires in 6 months
Support to a fast-growing scale-up

Our summary

Sellsy were a fantastic client to work with, their business goals provided us a clear instruction of the level of sophistication that they needed from potential candidates.

Nicholas Pinheiro-Ferrari

Managing Director, Nicholson Search and Selection