Nicholson place General Manager at HelloAsso
General Manager


HelloAsso specializes in providing online payment solutions uniquely designed for non-profit organizations, charities, and associations. Its primary goal is to streamline the fundraising and donation processes for these entities. By offering a range of services such as online payment processing, crowdfunding tools, event management solutions, and donation management software, HelloAsso aims to empower non-profits to more effectively manage their finances and engage with supporters.

An interesting feature of HelloAsso is its « pay-what-you-want » model, which diverges from traditional fee structures. Under this model, users have the flexibility to contribute a voluntary fee for utilizing the company’s services, rather than being subject to fixed charges. This approach reflects HelloAsso’s commitment to supporting the financial sustainability of non-profits while aligning with their missions. By allowing organizations to decide the value of the services they receive, HelloAsso fosters a sense of partnership and mutual support within the non-profit community.