Making a difference.

Giving back to the community.

The Macmillan Mighty Hike

 The Nicholson team are taking on a hiking marathon on June 10th, in the hopes of raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support. 

At Nicholson, most of us have in some way been affected by cancer, as many people are across the world. The way we see it – the least we can all do is give up our time over the next few months, preparing and raising funds for this vital cause that bring relief to so many people. 

The hike will be along the South Downs, 26 miles from Brighton to Eastbourne. Some of us have experience running and walking marathons, and others none at all. But we’re looking forward to the challenge and pushing ourselves to complete the ‘Mighty Hike’. 

So, please support in any way that you can – even small donations add up! And we would be incredibly grateful to have you with us on this journey. 

Visit our JustGiving page: here.