Karina Lovrec joins Nicholson

Our new Director of DACH - Karina Lovrec, tells us why she decided to join Nicholson and her plans for Nicholson Frankfurt.

Opening an office in Frankfurt had been in our plans for a number of years but finding someone with the experience, personality, ambition and who is cultural fit proved challenging to say the least.

So we are delighted that Karina Lovrec has joined Nicholson!

Karina was already an impressive recruiter who has built businesses from the ground up and facilitated new market offerings. From her days at PSD, we already knew of her reputation. 

“I was very flattered that Nicholson flew me over to the London for the day, and after being in the office for a whole day and meeting both the other consultants and the support staff – I had a very good impression of Nicholson. 

I found that John and Julien really had a moral standard which I could trust in. When you’re working with someone who will be based in another country and also building a completely new entity, you really need to trust each other. Not to mention that it would be a big investment on Nicholson’s side.”

Karina Lovrec

Karina was intrigued by the challenge of building something new, and having the freedom to hire a new team. Although she had experience building a consulting divison, the idea of developing a new brand in the DACH region was going to be a different experience. 

After just a week of working with us, she already had meetings with new and former contacts, some reaching out independently to build on the excellent work she’d done for them in the past. It was a great start to building her career with us.

“I do already have active searches and I’m looking to build on my experience in hiring for corporate management, organisational change and financial consulting services.”

“My goal for Nicholson Frankfurt is to also branch out into working with private equity companies to scale their portfolio businesses. I see a lot of potential in this sector. 

I also really want to bring on board a new team member this year, ideally, someone senior who I can support this new venture. 

I’m hoping to make the Frankfurt entity into another Nicholson success story, and make it a well-recognised brand in Germany.”

Karina Lovrec

We look forward to seeing all that Karina can achieve in the coming months. We’re confident that her talent and hard work are going to quickly pay off. 

Welcome to Nicholson, Karina!

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