Otium Capital: J. Bordier – Venture Partner’s testimonial

Watch the testimonial from CEO, Jérémie Bordier, on our hiring partnership.

Otium Capital are venture capital and private equity company – managing the assets of Pierre-Edouard Stérin, founder of Smartbox. 

Since the beginning of Optium, they have invested €400m in 100 companies across all stages of development – from Seed and Series A to Growth and LBO.

Overall, Otium manages over €1bn in assets!

Nicholson began working with Optium through their Venture Partner – Jérémie Bordier. 

Working alongside Jérémie we realised that not so long ago, one of the biggest challenges for startups was to secure funding. Now their struggle is more focused on building a team and recruiting professionals who will grow with them, and in turn, become part of the organisational backbone.

Seed stage and post-Series A are decisive times when recruiting, as it is the people who can make or break a project!

See how we’ve supported Otium over their hiring journey:

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