Nicholson place CISO - Chief Information Security Officer at Groupe Rocher
CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

Groupe Rocher

Groupe Rocher is a French company founded in 1959, it is a family-owned business that operates in the beauty and wellness industry. They are best known for their wide range of skincare, fragrance, and personal care products, which are sold under several different brand names, such as Yves Rocher, Stanhome and Dr. Pierre Ricaud. With more than 18,000 employees, the company serves over 50 million customers globally and has a turnover of more than 2.7 billion euros.

One of the key features of Groupe Rocher’s business model is their direct-to-consumer approach, which enables them to sell their products directly to customers through a variety of channels, such as mail-order catalogs, e-commerce, and physical stores. This approach allows them to offer customers high-quality products at competitive prices, while also providing excellent customer service.

Groupe Rocher has a strong commitment to sustainability, they are dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients in their products, and also strive to reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly packaging, and implementing sustainable manufacturing processes. They also have various initiatives in place to promote environmental awareness, such as planting trees, supporting local communities and implementing recycling programs.

Groupe Rocher’s brands have a strong reputation for quality and are well-known in many countries worldwide, they have a wide range of products that covers various categories such as Skincare, Makeup, Hair care, Fragrances, Personal care and Home care. They also offer a range of services such as personal beauty consultations, beauty tutorials and personalized skincare plans.