Nicholson place CRO at iPaidThat
CRO – Chief Revenue Officer


iPaidThat is a comprehensive and innovative all-in-one tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide financial and accounting management solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By collecting, analyzing, and presenting financial and accounting data, iPaidThat meets the diverse needs of businesses.

With its cutting-edge features, iPaidThat simplifies the entire process, from invoice retrieval and reconciliation with bank transactions to providing reliable financial reports through its intuitive cash flow tool, Tréso. The platform’s pre-accounting functionality utilizes collector robots to automatically retrieve invoices, ensuring accurate record-keeping and seamless collaboration with accountants. Additionally, iPaidThat’s expense management feature allows users to conveniently capture receipts using their mobile application, storing and categorizing them for faster reimbursement.

iPaidThat empowers businesses to enhance their professional image through its easy-to-use invoice editor. With personalized invoice creation, companies can showcase their brand identity and improve client interactions. Furthermore, iPaidThat goes beyond traditional accounting software by offering a payment initiation tool, allowing users to settle invoices directly from the platform. By streamlining financial processes, iPaidThat reduces the reliance on multiple tools and associated costs, transforming regulatory obligations into value-added opportunities.

With its AI-powered capabilities, iPaidThat is revolutionizing the way financial management is approached, making it the go-to solution for businesses seeking a streamlined and efficient approach to their financial and accounting needs.