Nicholson place Data Engineer at Aria
Data Engineer


Aria, a French fintech company, addresses the significant challenges in B2B payments by offering a comprehensive digital payment platform. Recognizing the slow and cumbersome traditional payment methods such as checks and wires, Aria provides businesses with an experience akin to B2C transactions. Their platform integrates various functionalities, including KYC/KYB, debtor risk analysis, anti-fraud measures, credit insurance, and debt recovery, all designed to streamline the payment process and offer flexibility in payment terms​.

In 2021, Aria launched its deferred payment API, allowing suppliers to receive payments instantly while giving buyers up to 90 days to settle their invoices. This innovation has made Aria a leader in deferred payments for contingent workforce platforms in Europe. The company’s solution has resonated with over 100 platforms and has facilitated the processing of over €0.5 billion in payments across Europe. Notable partnerships include large freelance platforms such as Malt, Brigad, and Jump, which benefit from Aria’s ability to mitigate the payment gap between suppliers and buyers​.

By focusing on modernizing B2B commerce, Aria aims to facilitate seamless online transactions that emulate the ease and efficiency of consumer payments, thus transforming the B2B payment landscape​.