Nicholson place Head of Indirect Sales at Diapason
Head of Indirect Sales


Diapason is a French software company specializing in corporate treasury management solutions. Founded in 1990 by Pascal Kravitzch and Frédéric Saunier, the company initially operated under the name MCC Soft before focusing exclusively on treasury management in 2009. Diapason’s software, “myDiapason,” caters to the digitalization needs of financial departments, optimizing liquidity management, automating payments, and managing market risk for large corporations. The company boasts over 10,000 users across 60 groups in 50 countries, serving a significant portion of CAC 40 companies.

In recent years, Diapason has accelerated its growth through strategic partnerships, most notably with PSG Equity, which aims to transform Diapason into a leading pan-European cash management software provider. This collaboration leverages PSG’s sector expertise to expand Diapason’s market presence and enhance its product offerings. The partnership is part of a broader strategy to carry out targeted external growth operations and capitalize on the digitalization trends within financial processes.

Diapason prides itself on its innovative approach and strong corporate values, emphasizing intellectual rigor, reliability, and customer service. The company’s mission is to simplify and streamline treasury management for its clients, supported by a team of experienced former corporate treasurers, financial engineers, and software experts. This focus on expertise and customer-centric solutions has solidified Diapason’s reputation in the financial software industry.