Nicholson place Head of Payment at Lydia
Head of Payment


Headquartered in Paris, France, Lydia is at the forefront of mobile payment solutions, fundamentally changing the landscape of transactions. Established in 2013, Lydia has crafted an advanced mobile payment platform that serves as a social hub, seamlessly connecting smartphones with payment cards. This innovative approach enables users to effortlessly transfer funds and conduct transactions via a single app, eliminating the need for physical checks or ATM cards. Serving as a comprehensive banking app, Lydia offers a diverse range of features, encompassing money transfers, payments, savings, and more, all accessible through the convenience of a mobile device.

Compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and QR code payments, Lydia grants users unprecedented flexibility and oversight of their financial transactions. Whether it involves monitoring bank accounts, initiating transfers, creating online money pots, establishing recurring payments, or blocking cards, Lydia caters to the multifaceted needs of modern consumers. Furthermore, Lydia incorporates advanced functionalities like peer-to-peer transfers, universal card integration, customizable spending limits, and thorough spending categorization. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Lydia ensures a secure and user-friendly experience, empowering individuals to manage their finances effortlessly and conveniently.