Nicholson place Infrastructure Team Lead Toronto at smartTrade Technologies
Infrastructure Team Lead Toronto

smartTrade Technologies

SmartTrade Technologies is a leading provider of multi-asset electronic trading platforms. The company offers a range of services and solutions tailored to financial institutions, including tools for trading in equities, fixed income, FX, derivatives, and commodities. SmartTrade’s software solutions, such as LiquidityFX and smartFI, are designed to optimize trading operations through features like smart order routing, risk management, and analytics.

The company has expanded its global presence with offices in major financial hubs like London, New York, and Tokyo. SmartTrade’s innovative approach is exemplified by its development of a meta cloud technology, which enhances its infrastructure management by integrating both private and public cloud resources. This innovation, coupled with their strong client acquisition strategy, has bolstered their market position, particularly in regions like the UK, Japan, and the USA.

SmartTrade continues to push the boundaries of electronic trading by integrating AI-driven analytics and advanced trading workflows. Their latest platform, LFX-NG, combines elements from previous solutions to offer a comprehensive trading environment for various financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies. With a focus on agility and customization, SmartTrade aims to provide financial institutions with the tools needed to navigate the evolving trading landscape and deliver greater value to their clients.