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VP HR Spain


Signaturit is a digital signature enterprise, offering a secure and effective avenue for businesses to engage in electronic document signing. The company’s inception revolved around the objective of simplifying the document and contract signing procedure, ensuring both the legal validity and security of these electronic signatures.

At the core of Signaturit’s platform lies a range of tailored electronic signature solutions to cater to diverse business requisites. This user-friendly platform encompasses features like templates, reminders, and notifications, guaranteeing the swift and accurate completion of the signing process. Notably, the platform prioritizes security, employing advanced encryption technologies to preserve the documents’ integrity and the authenticity of the signatures.

A pivotal advantage of adopting Signaturit’s electronic signature solutions is their legal binding nature, rendering them admissible in courts and other legal arenas. This positions Signaturit as an optimal choice for businesses seeking to expedite and optimize the signing of contracts and legal documents. Furthermore, Signaturit’s solutions seamlessly integrate with other business applications like CRMs and ERPs, thus refining workflows and enhancing overall efficiency. Through its unwavering focus on security, efficiency, and adaptability, Signaturit emerges as an invaluable collaborator for enterprises embarking on the journey of digitizing their signature processes.