Nicholson places VP Sales at Imaweb
VP Sales


Imaweb is a leading software development company in Europe that specializes in providing IT solutions for the Automotive Distribution sector. The company was formed by merging three major developers in Europe: Datafirst, I’Car Systems, and Imaweb. Imaweb offers a unique brand with the objective of making the 100% digital automotive customer journey a reality.

Leveraging 40 years of experience in the automotive distribution industry, Imaweb has developed a complete digital IT platform that offers a comprehensive and cohesive set of solutions for the market. Imaweb’s platform includes DMS, CRM, websites, and business intelligence modules that cater to car sales and after-sales services. These solutions are available to both multi-brand dealer groups and car manufacturers seeking network solutions.

Imaweb operates globally, both within and outside Europe, and adapts to local specificities to provide responsive services. The company’s software and services enhance the overall customer experience, providing automotive businesses with a complete, consistent digital IT platform that streamlines operations and drives business growth.