Nicholson place VP Sales US at FintechOS
VP Sales US


FintechOS leads fintech enablement, simplifying and expediting financial product launches globally. With a 12-week turnaround, it liberates data, facilitating personalized offerings at scale. Co-headquartered in London and New York, it boasts clients like Groupe Société Générale and Admiral Group.

In a world of complexity, FintechOS offers simplicity, empowering rapid innovation in financial technology. By handling intricacies, it allows focus on differentiation and customer relationships. With a global presence and renowned partners like Deloitte and EY, it accelerates market entry for top brands.

FintechOS drives digital transformation for financial entities, specializing in enhancing banking and insurance customer experiences. Founded in 2016 and based in London, it pioneers swift and tailored fintech solutions for global markets.