How our 4-day-week improved productivity!

Find out more about our successful 4-day-week business model:

Work life balance is something everyone has been thinking about, especially since lockdown. If you’re in the recruitment field, you’re likely to be still working a sixty hour week where the dreaded burnout is always on the horizon.

At Nicolson Search and Selection we want our consultants to thrive both inside and outside the office. So many years now, we’ve adopted the 4-day working week.

Here’s what we’ve found:

Our consultants are not only exceeding their targets at work but are able to lead more fulfilling lifestyles. They’re able to spend more time with family, make appointments they would otherwise have to put off or book holiday for, and feel more energised throughout the week.

After implementing our 4 day week, our revenue has trebled and our headcount has doubled. With the help of some excellent time management skills, our consultants have proved that a bit more freedom goes a long way.

What do our staff think?

Andrada Pop, Director of Operations:

„It’s about balance: being able to actually enjoy my weekend and recuperate during my time off, or just hop on a plane for a city break.“

James Dobinson, Associate Director:

„For me, a four day week allows me to be more flexible with my time and still achieve the results needed. My wife’s a teacher, so it allows me to spend an extra day with her during the school holidays for long weeks.“

Julien Gargowitsch, CEO:

„I believe since we’ve implemented the process, we have improved our client delivery. It’s been revolutionary for all of us.“

If this sounds like the work flexibility that you’ve always wanted, get in touch! We can tell you a bit more about our organisation and what it takes to be a consultant at Nicholson Search and Selection.

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